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"None but those who have visited this most wonderful valley can even imagine the feelings with which I looked upon the scene that was there presented.
The grandeur of the scene was but softened by the haze that hung over the valley-light as gossamer-and by the clouds which partially dimmed the higher cliffs and mountains.  This obscurity of vision but increased the awe with which I beheld it, and as I looked a peculiar exalted sensation seemed to fill my whole being, and I found my eyes in tears with emotion.  
...for I have seen before me the power and glory of a Supreme being;"

Dr. Lafayette Bunnell, March 21, 1851
from his book "Discovery of Yosemite"
as one of the group of first white men to see Yosemite Valley.

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Photos are  COPYRIGHT 2008 Phil Hawkins


Cook's meadow after a storm in late February, 2007.

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Winter weather in early December, 2005.

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Moonrise in Yosemite

About an hour after sunset the moon began to rise over the east end of the valley, and the fog on the valley floor was reflecting auto headlights...  this is a 7:31 exposure; at these low light levels the human eye cannot detect color.  It all appeared grey and bluish in person.

I am asked frequently about the stats on this shot:

7mins. 31sec. exposure at 200 ISO, RAW at f/2.8, 24mm from a 24-70 "L" series Canon zoom lens. Canon 5D 12.8 meg, full-frame digital SLR.


A tighter view...

Same stats as the one above but 55mm angle.

The light "sprays" you see is the result of headlights moving over puddles of water on the roadway.








El Cap in late October.

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Upper Yosemite Fall in the moonlight, January 2005.

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Just before the sun slips below the horizon.

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A New Year's storm; 12-31-04.

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Shot in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada..








Sunset at Tunnel View in late October, 2004.










Not from Yosemite, yet is representative of what you can see all over the park.

Thunderstorms over the central Sierra summer of 2005.

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One of many countless small streams swollen with runoff .









Dusk from Tunnel View, late October, 2004.








Sunset in the foothills of the Central Sierra Nevada.









Mist hugging the valley floor after a storm passes.









Yosemite Chapel during a snowstorm.

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Vernal Fall from a different perspective in early September, 2004.

More on the Vernal Falls hike










From Glacier Point during thunderstorms; June 2004

The color you see is the actual show put on by Mother Nature.  I have not altered the color at all  The contrast was boosted slightly.

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Stoneman Bridge reflection.








Another sunset scene from Glacier Point.  Incredible!









Mid-October, 2003









Bucolic scene along the Glenn Aulin Trail out of Tuolumne Meadows.









Bridalveil Fall rainbow in mid-February, 2004.




















Just as the sun was setting on the Sierra foothills.



Anecdotal shots are here.

If you have any photos of Yosemite you're proud of, and would like to post them here, I'll be glad to post them on the freelance contributors section.  You will get full by-line credit with information on how people can contact you. (If you wish)  There is no charge, it's completely free.

Here's how to contribute:  Scan your photo and send it to me in an e-mail, or post it on a web page and let me lift it.

Technical specs: if you want to send me a completed shot, then send it as a JPEG with no more than 50% compression, 400 pixels wide.  Try to scan it at 300 dpi (ignore what these "experts" tell you about 72 dpi) and save with 50% compression.  Total file size should not exceed 50kb.

If you want me to do the processing, then scan your shot at 300 dpi, save as a TIF file, 700 pixels wide, and post it somewhere I can FTP it.  (It'll be a large file, about 1 meg, but that's what you need in order to have something to work with when converting for the web.)

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