A woman's first visit and backpacking trip to Yosemite!  Alone!

I occasionally hear of people's first visit to Yosemite; it's usually someone who was with someone else when they first visit Yosemite, but this gal got her fill of humid Louisiana and came west.   

Here's her story:

"Hi my name is Melanie (deleted) and recently moved to the noisy city of Los Angeles.
I am from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I was feeling a bit smothered with life and jumped into my car and went to Yosemite. I was alone, don't hike all that much and decided I wanted a challenge. The first day I went to Yosemite Valley took out all the unnecessary weight from my pack after trying it on and realized how much of a girl I really am. My pack must have weighed 60 pounds or so! Ouch. Then off I went to Little Yosemite Valley. That was the most intense thing I have done in all my life. It was so hot and I ran out of water along the trail where you can see a view of Nevada Falls. You know I wanted to stop so many times and give up but something kept me going it was amazing I had super woman amazon strength. Then I finally got to the top of the falls and pumped some water quick with my filter. Guzzled down three helpings of my sport bottle , took some pics , talked to some beautiful people and went on my way. I spent the night in Little Yosemite Valley. I was so scared of bears from hearing all the hoe top of Vernal Falls) and cool off ghee I am really hot..AHHHHH Talk about Shock my system! uhhhhh yeah.  I made it all the way back down to the valley and I sat down and just started crying tears of strength, joy, hope, and I was tied and wanted a hamburger *real* bad.  Yosemite rocks! Only thing is I did not want to leave. I saw deer, squirrels galore, and those blue and black birds with mohawks who just thought they were sneaky enough to get my food....they made me laugh. Oh I almost forgot the giant ants! Those were so cool. I could go on and on............
I wanted to Thank You for creating this site. It was helpful to me in many ways. I love your pics they are beautiful. You had a big part in getting a girl who barely hikes, to hall butt to Yosemite and do half dome! I know have a bug future in the great outdoors! Thank You for giving me the opportunity to share a little bit of my story. Although I drove alone, I was not alone the whole time. It was a bit crowded at times but not too crowded. I met some incredible people, and was amazed at how supportive everyone was along the whole way up and down. A guy even gave me a camera at the top of the dome, I had left my pack at the bottom and was so bumbed when I saw the view that I was prepared to go back down and get it. When I told this guy as I am flying down the dome he thought I was just plain old nuts and handed me a camera.
Melanie 23 ...........Happy Trails!"