Housekeeping Camp
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Situated in a beautiful area by the Merced River, Housekeeping Camp is a very good value, although the price rises about $10 to $15 each year.  They are now $84!!!  6 years ago they were $48 a night.  There are 266 units, each of which will sleep up to 6 people. All cabins are the same, with two bunk beds and a double bed.  Each cabin is concrete with 3 solid walls and a curtain for the fourth "wall".   You'll have excellent views of Yosemite Falls and Half Dome.  There's a beach down by the river for swimming. 
Each building is a duplex. A comfortable semi-private "room".
Room for the kids, or use as a shelf for your stuff A bigger bed for uh, two, or whatever...
You can drive to your unit, unlike Curry Village. You get a cooking table with a small light and elect. outlet. (upper left)
It's an absolutely gorgeous area when you walk down by the river at dawn or dusk.  You can swim, fish, and just put your chair in the water down at the "beach" and read all day in view of Half Dome and Yosemite Falls.  On the other hand, it is crowded, units are rather close together, and it's right on the very busy road to Curry Village and the campgrounds.  Bring your earplugs for sure.  But it is comfortable and inexpensive by Yosemite standards.

There's free showers, a small grocery store, laundry and a couple of soda vending machines.  Fresh water faucets and restrooms (with real porcelain running-water fixtures and flush toilets) are placed conveniently to all units.  Each cabin has two electrical outlets; one in the cooking area, and one inside the cabin.  It might be prudent to bring a space heater if you're planning to visit during spring or fall.  It can get real cool at night.  There are no heating units in the cabins.

I would encourage you to get a cabin down by the river; it'll be slightly quieter and you'll be able to walk out and see Half Dome on the right and Yosemite Falls on your left. (see below)

There's a huge laundry room... Be aware, that this laundry is also used by campground guests, Curry Village guests and stray backpackers.  It can get crowded. Ahh...  "Good morning, Mr. Half Dome. Did you sleep well?"  It doesn't get any better than this.
Shower facilities are a bit cramped, but they're clean and the water's always hot.. Another excellent spot
Decent washroom facilities There's a million places for the kids to ride their bikes
All the units are the same.  You get two bunk beds and one "double" bed (if you want to stretch and call it that). 

Rates Equipment Rentals
1-4 people $84.00
5 people $90.00
6 people $97.00
  • No pets (kennel available at the stables)
  • No tents or motor homes
  • Food storage STRICTLY enforced.
  • Fires only from 5pm to 10pm (this regulation is not enforced)


Bedpack $2.50
Blanket $1.00
Pillows $.75
Sheets $.75
Stoves $1.50
Chairs $1.00
Cots $2.00
Cribs $2.00
Bear boxes are everywhere; use them! This is how it's done.  This couple is from Santa Rosa, spending their 31st. year at Housekeeping Camp.

Find a shady spot, bring the chips, a good book or a group of friends and relax.




Or, soak up some sun relaxing at the Housekeeping Camp beach.

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