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Frederick's Shots

Frederick, quite honestly, is someone who sent me their shots and I promptly forgot they were there and didn't post them.  BAD webmaster.  In any case, they're here now, for better or worse.  If anyone knows Frederick tell him to e-mail me so I can get some background on what we're seeing.  Anyway, pretty good stuff, however, they are slightly over-compressed.


A bone-dry, late season shot of Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls.


Nice shot of the Tunnel View with a tobacco filter.


Same shot without the filter.


Lower Yosemite Falls in late afternoon.


David Husted

It's really fun when you find a guy who has unbelievable talent yet remains undiscovered.  I met David on the High Sierra Volunteer Trail Crew this summer (2002) and we compared notes on Yosemite and High Sierra photos.  I couldn't believe what I was seeing!

David is an avid backpacker who concentrates on Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks more than Yosemite, so his Yosemite collection is rather limited.  But his trips are usually at very high elevations and result in spectacular shots. He has an incredible feel for composition, lighting and drama.  His technical quality is also very good.  Although David has been using print film, I quickly advised him to start using Fuji Provia 100f or 400f slide film.  We'll see what transpires next season.

What I present here are shots from his ascent of Half Dome in January, 2001 long before the cables were installed for the summer tourist season.  (Yes, it was very dry that season until about mid-January.) He simply used the single cable that stays in place during the off-season, and went to the top when it was covered in snow.  Here's some of what he shot, as I mentioned, from print film negatives.


David's self-portrait looking west from the top of Half Dome in January.



Looking down over the edge.

You wouldn't catch me taking this shot.


This was taken at the base of the cable section looking east. Nice shot!


Looking east from the top of Half Dome in April.  There aren't too many shots like this around.


These are the only cables available in the off season.  It makes an already harrowing climb that much more...harrowing.


The point from the top of Half Dome.



Ricardo Lagos

Ricardo is a very talented photographer who works with B&W and uses polarizing filters for a dramatic effect.


This shot of Half Dome was taken from the trail to the top.


The view from the top of Half Dome.


Vogelsang High Sierra Camp is just to the right of this perspective.


A great shot of Upper Yosemite Falls and the boardwalk on the meadow.


Sherri Pfefferkorn

An RN by day and by night and weekends and during the summer she's a backpacking fool in both Yosemite and the Central Sierra.  Just learning about the technical end of photography, she has a natural talent for composition and lighting.  I only have this one pic now, but it's a good one:


Wow!  This was embellished by me in Photoshop, but the actual shot was taken on the Yosemite Falls Trail about 1.5 miles up at the first vista area. 

The other notable thing is that this was taken with a drugstore disposable camera.  Incredible.


Victor Taugher

Vic skiied out to Glacier Point and visited his friend the winter ranger whose home is located in the curves of the road just above the Glacier Point parking lot.  What great and rare shots of Half Dome in winter from here.  Excellent shots!


A rare sight indeed; Winter shots of Half Dome can only be taken after a 16 mile cross-country ski trip.

This shot was actually taken from Washburn Point.


This is the view from the winter ranger's kitchen window.  Incredible!

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